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pet gundog trainer and spaniels in Dorset

Hi! I'm Philippa, the owner of Fundog Gundog. ​My gundog training journey began with my own pet working cocker spaniels, who I realised needed outlets for their genetically bred behaviours; simply put, I needed them to work with me in the countryside of Dorset, not disappear in pursuit of smells, sights, chases and all-round fun!  Taking a relationship-based positive approach to training has seen both of my current dogs complete Gundog Club grades up to Grade Four at Distinction level, and work on local shoots during the season.  


Teaching humans for over 20 years has also shaped my teaching approach- everyone (human or canine) best responds to a rewarding, positive approach to learning.  Applying modern learning theory to training gundog skills helps my clients develop their relationships with their pet gundog, especially in understanding what makes them tick and how best to use that to support learning. I love helping people work out what motivates their dog, and then working with that to bring out the best in the partnership. ​

I am passionate about bringing out the best in our pet gundogs, and can't wait to help you on your training journey! 

 I am a qualified and accredited dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and hold The Open College Network Accredited Certification ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour', Level 3. Since 2020 I have focused predominantly on gundog training and have completed a year long Gundog Handler's Course and a 1.5 year long Gundog Teacher's Course with the Gundog Trainer's Academy, to develop my knowledge and training techniques. I am a committee member of Wiltshire Working Gundog Society and a member of other gundog societies in the South West and beyond. 


Why do I believe in the value of taking courses myself and taking my dogs for tests? Well, as someone with over 20 years working in education, I am a firm believer in always developing, especially as our understanding how learners learn is always evolving. By constantly updating my knowledge I am best-placed to support you and your dog on your training journey. My motto has always been "prioritise fun and the learning will come"- this is true of dogs as well as humans, and I aim for training to be fun and enjoyable for owners and dogs alike!​ 

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Qualifications and ongoing training

​Gundog Teacher's Course- Gundog Trainer's Academy

Gundog Handler's Course- Gundog Trainer's Academy

Clicker Trainer Competency Assessment Programme- pass with Distinction- Gundog Trainer's Academy

Membership Assessment- pass with Distinction- IMDT

Positive Gundog Conference- attended as Handler

The Gundog Club, Grades 1-4 - The Gundog Club

Spaniel Sunday- full day workshop with Jane Ardern, author of "Mission Control"

"Using Drills and Sequences to Proof Gundog Steadiness" - Jane Ardern, webinar with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Adolescent Dog Conference- Fenzi Dog Sport Academy

Working Test Training Day- Bristol and West Working Gundog Society

Water Retrieving Workshops- Clicker Gundog

Memories, Marks and Blinds Workshop- Develop Your Dog

Water Assessment Day- Dorset Working Spaniel Club

4 Day Practical Instructor Course- IMDT

2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer- IMDT

1 Day Canine Body Language- IMDT

21 Days to Tighter Heeling- Hannah Branigan, Wonderpups

Warm-Up/Cool-down Routine, Obedience Specific Course- Dogs4Motion Academy

AKC Fit Dog Level 1- The Hiker Pup Academy


Where we train

Our main training venue is a fantastic 2.5 acre field in Merley (BH21), just outside Wimborne Minster. The venue is perfect for gundog training, and with places limited to 4 dogs in any session, there is plenty of space for all dogs to work comfortably. 

For details of classes and 1-2-1s available, please see our bookings page

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