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pet gundog trainer with two working gundogs

Gundog- drop-in classes, Short Courses and Workshops

Recall Short Course (three sessions)

Suitable for handlers and dogs of all types. This short course starts with a session without our dogs, so that we can take a close look at WHY our dogs struggle with recall. Subsequent sessions build handler skills in engaging their dog and generating focus and interaction in the outside environment.

Gundog Fitness sessions

Suitable for handlers and dogs of all types. The importance of tailoring working dog's fitness going into, during and finishing a working season is huge in injury prevention. These fitness sessions are aimed at building skills for you (the handler) to support your dog's fitness when working and are based on (but not accredited to) skills from the AKC Fit Dog course. Please note, this is NOT a medical course and dogs with existing mobility issues should not join- please ask your vet to refer you to a specialist.

Introduction to Cold Game Workshop

Suitable for handlers and dogs who have a basic retrieve and an interest in taking their dog on a shoot. Not advised for very young dogs. Please note, this workshop will include the use of game. 

Gundog Drop-In sessions

Suitable for handlers and dogs who have been assessed in a “New to Fundog Gundog” session- please do not book if you have not been for this session or a 1:1 first. Currently available at two levels, beginner and progressive.

Each week there will be a different focus in the drop-in sessions, to allow a slower approach to developing skills, and for you to drop in to the sessions that best suit your needs. Different aspects will be looked at each time, and activities will be graded to each individual dog's needs. Topics will focus around the following key skills:

Heelwork and "obedience" (e.g. sit stay)


Steadiness and Impulse Control

Retrieving skills


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