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Gundog puppy training Dorset

Gundog Puppies

Have a spaniel puppy that won’t stop hunting? A labrador puppy who carries your socks everywhere? The popularity of labradors, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, cockerpoos and Vizslas means that many homes have puppies genetically bred to “do a job”. We can help you work with gundog breed traits in a positive way, whether you intend to work your dog or just have fun with them! 

New puppy home visit

There's a valuable block of time between when you bring your puppy home and when you can take them to a puppy class (after vaccinations). Specifically, up to 19 weeks is a crucial time to be building your relationship, laying down neurological pathways, creating careful exposure to different sensory and socialisation experiences. To make the most of this time, we offer a New Puppy Home Visit specifically for puppies who have just arrived, so that you can get started on training before you can join the gundog puppy class. 

Gundog Puppy class

Bringing your puppy to a gundog puppy class means we understand your dog’s breed-specific desires and work with that to help you understand their motivators and develop that all-important bond. Rather than miss valuable training time waiting to join, our puppy course is a 6 week rolling block, so you can join at anytime. You book 6 weeks, but if you aren’t available to make a session, you just book the next one instead, so you don't lose any sessions. Each class is limited to a maximum of four puppies so that each puppy and owner get quality time and attention.

In our sessions we focus on key aspects of learning such as:

Engagement - the key to a great relationship is games and activities that build your bond, through fun engagement and putting yourself as a focus of fun for your puppy.

Environment - understanding how your puppy interacts with the world is key to understand how you can make it work for you, not against you! This is especially important for our gundog breeds that have a strong prey drive, desire to hunt and desire to retrieve.

Recall - A solid recall is vital for all dogs, and is really a skill to start on as early as possible, to build up that muscle memory of returning to you without even thinking about it. Leave it until your gundog is a teenager and you will find it a lot harder!

Lead walking - this, alongside recall, is the hardest training to get right, partly because our dogs have a genetic desire to be focused on the environment (we have bred them to keep an eye on things falling, things moving, where the good smells are, right?), and partly because- let’s face it- it is quite dull! In our puppy training we focus on making this a fun training activity, and develop consistency to avoid those pulling teenage and adult dogs.

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