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"My dog's a pet, I'm not sure about "gundog stuff"...

Gundog training, whether you plan to work your dog or just enjoy training with them, is a fantastic way to understand your dog's motivators. I have clients who work their dogs, but equally have clients who want to do something fun with their dog that taps into their genetic wants, needs and skills. Channelling those desires to hunt, sniff, search and retrieve- and creating a partnership- all help you use the environment around you as a training tool, rather than something to fight with!


Please note, before you book any specific training, we ask all new clients to complete a "Welcome to Fundog Gundog" session, so that I can assess and advise you as to the best pathway for you and your dog, depending on your goals and starting point. 

Training is delivered through proven reward-based methods, with a strong emphasis on you and your dog enjoying learning and having fun together. Your trainer is an experienced and fully accredited animal training instructor, recognised by several accreditation bodies- for more information, check out this page: 

Please note, our focus is on pet gundogs, not gundogs training specifically for tests and trials.

What to expect in our classes

Gundog Structured Levels

Most clients opt for these structured classes, each lasting 5 weeks, designed to develop both your own and your dog’s skills and abilities in a progressive manner. Perfect for those who like to commit to a course and work on skills progressively- a rewarding way to see your hard work paying off! A maximum of 4 dogs per class ensures you get individual feedback and attention.

Drop in Gundog Sessions, Workshops and Short Courses

If you can't come to a 5 week class, or want to just dip in when you have time, these sessions are perfect for you. Each session's content is adapted to suit the mix of dogs and handlers attending on the day (unless a certain level is specified).

Please note, drop-in sessions are seasonal and will be ceasing Sept-February as I work my dogs on shoots and have reduced working hours.

Workshops are available throughout the year, please check our bookings page here, or check on Facebook and Instagram, where we will always advertise.

1:1 or 1:2 private training

Private training is available for either individual handlers and their dog, or 2 people and their dogs (provided dogs are of a similar level). The benefits of 1:1 training include: 

Flexible- book when it is convenient for you

Personal- all content is tailored to your needs

Individual- I consider both you and your dog when we are training, and support you with training strategies that are realistic and attainable

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